An Old-Style Record Shop Presents a New Business Model

This is really a cool idea, I hope it works and is sucessful! I really do believe that technology, in a way, is taking away parts of our lives to really interact with others face to face on a more personal level. Plus its giving jobs to computers, we had a music store in our mall and a gallery of sound in a strip mall. Not many places carry CD’s so the pickingin my area is so slim, anyone’s best bet is to go to a pawn shop. I’d like to see more “Mom & Pop” shops come back, less reliance on the internet to give us what we want within minutes and even seconds! It is apart of societies problem with ignorance, it seems like nobody cares about fighting for rights or even living except in cyberland.

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

In an era of digital downloads and music on the go, a 44-year-old entrepreneur is about to open a Lansdowne, Pennsylvania-based store that will sell vinyl records.

As reported in this Delco News Network article, Andrea DiFabio’s new record shop — Vinyl Revival — promises a return to a time when shopping for music was a touchy-feely experience.  The store will open its doors to the public in mid-August.

“I think the interest in vinyl never went away for record collectors but a new generation of music fans is coming to appreciate the warm sound and the experience of sitting down and listening to a record. The artwork on many record covers is also another draw,” says DiFabio.

In addition to records, Vinyl Revival will stock unusual gifts such as handbags made from recycled album covers, pillows made from cast-off band/concert T-shirts, clocks and mirrors made from reused vinyl records as well as original…

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