Democracy – Justice, Equality, Liberty

Hakan Erdogan

Anyone following developments in Turkey these days would notice that its Democracy is going through a tough test. The form and the way Democracy is implemented profoundly affect the quality of human lives. If any reader fails to recognize this directly, it is perhaps because he or she is living under a relatively stable Democracy where not much changes from year to year. A lot is being discussed in the media about specific daily developments in Turkey. In this post, I would look from a wider angle and give some historical perspective on Democracy.

3 main pillars of Democracy

The word Democracy originates from the Greek word Demokratia, meaning “the rule of the people” (Demos mean people, Kratos means power, rule). Translation of the word “Democracy” is one of the easiest one in the world: It is almost always very close to the original Greek word in most major languages. However countless meanings are attached…

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