No One Cares About Your Damn Religion | Larry Womack

Fore Cryin' Out Loud

No One Cares About Your Damn Religion | Larry Womack .

…I guess I’m unusual because I would love to talk about this subject

Ok, so first off this guy makes a pretty wide statement saying every religion believes their “God” is ok with whatever he/she does. Are we talking about abortion, murder, stealing, lying…etc? Because the majority of people will have similar views on those topics and not be isolated thinking everyone else is crazy. ..Or maybe I’m the crazy one for thinking people are still morally sound (for the most part)


He then reaches back to the slave days and claims that people believed the Christian God was cool with slavery, last I checked, people are not perfect. I’m sure some did think that but there is a small problem, I’m not form the 1800s so I honestly can’t tell you what exactly went through their minds. Back then…

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